To perform the provisionning of the transmitter on the operator's backend you should have the information, more specifically the keys* corresponding to the product. 

These keys are available via adeunis' secure KMS platform, accessible at the following address: 

Thanks to this platform you will be able to visualize/export in a few clicks all the keys of your LoRaWAN and/or Sigfox products for all your orders.

>To find out how to connect and use the KMS platform, please refer to the notice attached to this article.

NB: If you bought your products through our distribution, the keys are sent by your distributor and not by Adeunis. 

This plateform contains the information about your sensor, mandatory for the network provisionning: 

For Sigfox : 

  • ID of the product  
  • PAC key of the product 
  • End-certificate of the product 

For LoRaWAN : 

  • ID of the product or DevEUI 
  • APP EUI 

Only for LoRaWAN : 

For LoRaWAN products, an other way exists to find the keys of your product through the IoT Configurator

When the product is linked to the PC or a Smartphone and recognised by the IoT Configurator, you can click on "Network Configuration". In this section you can click on "OTAA" and the secured keys appear. 

WARNING: do not modify the key of the device after the provisionning on the backend because your product will lose the network connectivity. 

For any other question or if the information you searched is missing in the FAQ, please, contact our technical support through the ticketing platform : 



*To know how to use the keys or how to make the provisionning, refer to the corresponding sections in the FAQ: