For all the adeunis sensors, an excel file is sent by our sales administration just after the shipping of the products. 

NB: If you have bought your sensors through the distribution, this file will be sent to you by the distributor, not adeunis. 

This information linked to your products will be useful to make the provisioning of your sensors on the operators' platform of into the gateway.  

This excel file contains the information linked to your sensors described here under: 

For Sigfox : 

  • ID of the product  
  • PAC key  
  • Certificate of the product  

For LoRaWAN : 

  • ID of the product or DevEUI 
  • APP EUI 

For any other question or if the information you searched is missing in the FAQ, please, contact our technical support through the ticketing platform : https://adeunis.freshdesk.com/en/support/tickets/new 

*To know how to use the key or how to declare a sensor on the operators' backend, please refer to the corresponding section in the FAQ: 

  • How provision my sensors on the operators' backend?