Starting-up device with an industrial casing with a magnet 

Once the product has been configured and its assembly has been finalized, the product is ready to be started up. 

The start-up is carried out using a magnet which you place on the upper part of the product (cf. the diagram below).

The magnet must be held in position for at least 6 seconds so as to confirm the start-up of the product. When the magnet is well detected, the green LED lights up for 1 second. 

Once the product validates its start-up, it immediately transmits status frames followed by a data frame (according the defined periodicity). 

Starting-up device with an indoor casing using the button  

Once the device has been configured, it is ready to be started up. To start the device: press the button for 5 seconds, the green LED lights up and flashes quickly. 

Once the device has been validated, it sends its status frames and then, after the defined transmission period time, a data frame. 

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