How to configure your sensor ?

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The device configuration using the micro-USB port can now be done in two ways: using the IoT Configurator (application on the user-friendly interface) or by transmitting AT commands. 


IoT Configurator is an adeunis® application developed to facilitate the configuration of devices through a user-friendly interface The IoT Configurator can be used directly on a mobile or tablet in Android or via a Windows PC. 

Compatible with Windows 10 only and Android 5.0.0 Minimum.

Connect via the micro-USB interface (see section 5.2) present on the device the PC or the mobile. The application automatically recognizes the device, downloads these configuration parameters and makes it possible to configure the device quickly and intuitively using the forms (drop-down menus, checkboxes, text fields, etc.). The application also lets you export an application configuration in order to duplicate it on other devices in a few clicks. 

The IoT Configurator is continuously enriched with new features. 

For mobile or tablet: Download application for free on Google Play 

For computer: directly on the Adeunis website 


Connecting the device to a computer

Connect the device to a USB input of a computer. The device has a Type B micro USB connector (see section 5.2). When connecting, the device must be recognized by the computer as a Virtual Com Port (VCP) device. 

Using Windows: Verification that the device has been recognised to be functioning properly can be obtained by viewing the device manager. You should see the USB series device with a corresponding COM port number appear during connection. 

If you are not able to see a device of this type, you must install the USB driver for this device, available to download from our website: https:// 


  • USB-STM32_x64 driver, if your computer is a 64-bit system 
  • USB-STM32 driver, if your computer is a 32-bit system 

Command mode 

Use a COM port terminal block to communicate with the device. 

We use the HERCULES COM port soft terminal available to download for free by clicking the following link: 

• With Hercules, select the “Serial” tab, then configure the serial port with the following serial parameters: 

  • Select the serial port on which the device was created with Windows. 
  • Click the “Open” button to open the serial port. 

INFORMATIONAL NOTE: If the com port has been opened correctly, Hercules will display the message “Serial port COM3 opened”. Alternatively, “Serial port com opening error” will be displayed, meaning either that the com port is already open for another application, or it does not exist. 

Type ‘+++’ to switch the device to configuration mode. 

On the com port terminal, you should also have a “CM” feedback for Command Mode. Sending characters on Hercules are displayed in magenta and receiving characters in black. If you do not see sending characters, it is probably because ECHO is not active on the software. Activate the option in the menu, which you can access with a right click in the viewing window. 

AT command

A command starts with the 2 ASCII characters: «AT», followed by one or more characters and data (see the list below for the syntax of the AT commands available on the modem).

Each command must end with a “CR” or “CR” “LF”, both are acceptable. (CR indicates: Carriage Return, LF indicates: Line Feed). 

Once the command has been received, the modem returns: 

  • Data”  , for ATS type playback control ? AT/S or AT/V. 
  • O”  , for all other commands when this has been accepted. 
  • “E”  , if it refuses the command due to a syntax error, unknown command, unknown register, invalid parameter, .... 
  • “CM”  , if it accepts the input in command mode AT 

Command Table: 

For any other questions related to this subject or any information not covered in the FAQ please contact our support service by opening a ticket:

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