Why my REPEATER loose frames while it is under good coverage?

Modified on Tue, 17 Sep 2019 at 11:50 AM

Duty Cycle respected by the REPEATER 

The REPEATER, as all the products, must respect the radio regulations and so the Duty Cycle when it repeats frames. If too many frames are sent by the products, the REPEATER will repeat only the number of frames authorized by the regulations. Consequently, it will not repeat all the message, that can explain why some frames are lost or not repeated. 

If you must repeat more than 6 frames per hour (whatever the number of device), you have to deactivate the Duty Cycle of the REPEATER configuring the S304 register to 2 (Duty Cycle deactivated) through AT commands. This option is currently not available through the Repeater App put at your disposal by adeunis. 

Note: Deactivation of the Duty Cycle results in a violation the regulations in force. Be informed that the responsibility is transferred to the user of the product.

Verify the transmission frequency of your sensors 

If the REPEATER is surrounded by many Sigfox products, it can be possible that several sensors are transmitting simultaneously. It can create collision on the REPEATER side, and in the better case, the REPEATER will be able to repeat only one of the 2 messages. This phenomenon, in noisy environments (with a lot of products), cannot be anecdotic. 

It is so advised, when it is possible, to configure the product in order that they will not transmit at the same time to avoid or limit collisions. 

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